Rules and Timeline

The Rules:
1.) If a delivery date is not met, one pre-discussed horrible fact about the offending author will be made public.
2.) Save for the opening month, the submissions must be either:
a.) A complete chapter
b.) 10 pages if the chapter is running long
c.) 3 paragraphs of character/realm backstory

Due Dates:
-October 1st, 12:00am: Book outline/timelines/summary
-October 15th, 12:00am: Chapter 1
-October 29th, 12:00am: Chapter 2
-November 12th, 12:00am: Chapter 3
-November 26th, 12:00am: Chapter 4

...and so on until we are released from this self imposed nightmare by completing an entire novel.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Author Name: Withheld
Pen Name: Cynso Koro
Age: 29
Description: Creative, mentally disorganized, Koro feels tortured by his endeavors in art and literature. Still, he accepts the inevitable make-up sex with no complaint.
Novel Summary: Coming Soon

Author Name: Withheld
Pen Name: Ordo Andwin
Age: 30
DescriptionHis own worst critic by leaps and bounds.  He hates and loves life, as he hates and loves himself.  Still he remains an optimistic curmudgeon, if a curmudgeon nonetheless. With him there exists always the hope that things will get better…or at least improve somewhat before turning to shit.  (And, yes, he knows where his picture came from)
Novel Summary: Coming Soon

Monday, September 6, 2010


We are 6 days into the BOOK OR CONSEQUENCE contest, and the lazy factor seems to be holding strong. That's good for you, BAD FOR US!

Dare we let these deadlines slip, you may be privy to real names, addresses, phone numbers, nude pictures, and terrible truths about our humble authors. We encourage you to find us and distract us as much as possible if it is your desire to know what depravity really is.

Next post: Introductions.